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Lisa Adelman has run 9 out of the last 10 Falmouth Road Races as part of Team MDSC for her son, Evan. Evan has Down syndrome and Lisa is heavily involved with the MDSC. She's looking forward to running and raising money this year for the organization she has a personal connection with. Lisa lives in Middleboro, MA.

Jennifer Blounts is running for the second time with Team MDSC. Jennifer first became involved with the MDSC when her three-year-old daughter, Hazel was diagnosed with Down syndrome. She's running to ensure the MDSC is there for Hazel in the future to help her acheive a fulfilling life. Jennifer lives in Stow, MA.

This is Suzanne Diercksen's third Falmouth Road Race. She's running with Bridget Faucher, Tanja McGuckian, and Beth LeFleur as part of Team Evan (within Team MDSC) to honor Suzanne's nine-year-old son, Evan. Suzanne is very involved with and grateful for the MDSC, she lives in Norton, MA.

Bridget Faucher is looking forward to running her first Falmouth Road Race. Bridget is running with Suzanne Diercksen, Tanja McGuckian, and Beth LeFleur as part of Team Evan and to honor her husband's uncle, Billy, who has Down syndrome. She's excited to support a wonderful cause and lives in Norton, MA.

Annie Gagne is joining Team MDSC for the second year in a row in this year's Falmouth Road Race. She is running with Jennifer Gazza for their niece, Catherine, who has Down syndrome. Annie lives in Walpole, MA.

Jennifer Gazza is also running with Team MDSC for the second year in a row. Jennifer is running to honor her niece who has Down syndrome, Catherine. She describes Catherine as an inspiration to all after she spent the first three months of her life in the hospital recovering from major heart surgery. Jennifer is running with Annie Gagne and lives in Revere, MA.

David and Robyn Granfors will be running with Team MDSC together in honor of their daughter, Claire, who has Down syndrome. This is David's 7th year running with Team MDSC and Robyn's second. They run to ensure the MDSC has the funds needed to meet their critical goals so every person with Down syndrome can reach their full potential. The Granfors live in Holliston, MA.

This will be Stephen Hawley's third Falmouth Road Race with Team MDSC. Stephen has been a member of the MDSC since his fourteen-year-old daughter, Alice was born with Down syndrome. He lives in Northampton, MA.

Taiese Hickman is running with Team MDSC for the first time. She is running to honor her son, London who was diagnosed with Down syndrome at 13 months. Taiese lives in Haverhill, MA.

Dana Howell has run 14 Falmouth Road Races in the past. This is her second year dedicating all of her runs to her buddy, Mavis from Rockford, IL. Mavis is Dana's I Run4 Michael (IR4) buddy and she is raising money in her honor. Dana lives in Peabody, MA.

Beth LeFleur is joining Team MDSC for a second year and is running with Suzanne Diercksen, Tanja McGuckian, and Bridget Faucher as part of Team Evan. She is running for Suzanne's son, Evan and looks forward to becoming more involved with the MDSC. Beth lives in Norfolk, MA.

Eleanor "Chessie" Lawson, from West Hartford CT, runs for her best friend's daughter who has Down syndrome.  This is her third year running the race for MDSC and would not run it any other way. She hopes to run a 7:30 mile and finish is under a hour!?

This year is Martin Lewis' first running the Falmouth Road Race. He wants to give back to the MDSC after they have provided support and resources for his brother, Ian, who has Down syndrome. Martin wants to continue fundraising for the MDSC and lives in Bridgewater, MA.

Caroline Ludwig will be running for the third time with Team MDSC this year. She is running to honor her niece, Paige, who has Down syndrome. She says the MDSC has been instrumental in providing information and support to her family. Caroline lives in Barre, MA.

Tanja McGuckian is running in her first Falmouth Road Race as part of Team Evan with Beth LeFleur, Bridget Faucher, and Suzanne Diercksen. She lives in Norfolk, MA.

Andrea Morse just became involved with the MDSC this year after her son, Oliver, was diagnosed with Down syndrome. She is running with her sister, Chrissy Lyons and wants to give back to the MDSC and spread awareness about the organization. Andrea lives in Cambridge, MA.

Nick Pettinella has run a whopping 21 Falmouth Road Races in the past. This year, he is running to honor his son's sister-in-law Ashley, who has Down syndrome. Nick is looking forward to supporting the mission the of MDSC and lives in Milford, MA.

Joe Ragone will join Team MDSC for the second time this year. Joe has Down syndrome and is a member of the MDSC. Completing the Falmouth Road Race last year was his dream and he's looking forward to helping other people with Down syndrome through his fund raising. Joe lives in Marston Mills, MA. [Paul Jarboe, a companion runner with Joe, is running the Falmouth Road Race for the first time in honor of his nephew, DJ, who has Down syndrome. Paul will be running as a companion runner this year and believes strongly in the empowerment of those with Down syndrome. Paul lives in Boston, MA]

This will be Kaitlyn Richard's first year running the Falmouth Road Race to support her friend and coworker, Annie Gagne, who is also running with Team MDSC. Kaitlyn hopes to become more involved in the future and lives in Cambridge, MA.

Marie Russo is joining Team MDSC for the first time. She is running for her daughter-in-law Samantha's brother and cousin, who both have Down syndrome. Marie is also running for her late aunt, who was born with Down syndrome in the early 1940's. She hopes to give a voice to those that are unable to advocate for themselves, like her aunt. She is eager to increase awareness of Down syndrome and lives in Everett, MA. 

Samantha Russo is running with Team MDSC to honor her brother, Nicholas. She is running to promote the inclusion and acceptance of everyone with Down syndrome. Samantha is a volunteer and member of the MDSC and lives in Everett, MA.

Christian Senna will run his first Falmouth Road Race this year with Team MDSC. He is running for his three-year-old daughter, Jane, who has Down syndrome. Christian lives in Lexington, MA.

Benjamin Solky is also running his first Falmouth Road Race this year. He is running for Christian Senna's daughter, Jane, who is a great friend to his family. Benjamin lives in Lexington, MA.

Maggie Gaughan, Allie Burdulis, and Alexandra Lee are a team running with Team MDSC in honor of Maggie's sister, Christina, who has Down syndrome. This team is the youngest the MDSC has had run in the Falmouth Road Race at sixteen-years-old. They are looking forward to participating in future events and bringing awareness to Down syndrome. Maggie, Allie, and Alexandra live in Hopkinton, MA.