There was something special in the air as our community gathered for MDSC’s 40th Anniversary UnstoppABLE Conference on March 23, 2024! The sheer joy, emotion and personal stories shared throughout the day made this historic 40-year milestone event everything we hoped it would be. We were proud to have so much to offer everyone in attendance— self advocates, parents and caretakers, grandparents and siblings, health care professionals, educators and others.

In addition to the nearly two dozen expert sessions on everything related to Down syndrome throughout the lifespan, attendees were treated to Isaiah Lombardo’s keynote address, a special dance performance by the Down Syndrome Folklore Latino Group, our 40th Anniversary awards presentations, a post-conference networking session, and more! This year’s UnstoppABLE theme was a perfect launching pad to reflect on MDSC’s remarkable 40+ year history paying special tribute to the giants in our community. As I shared at the conference, MDSC is built squarely on the shoulders of the trailblazers who founded MDSC and established the first conference in 1985, as well as the disability advocacy pioneers who came before them.

As Executive Director Maureen Gallagher said, “The disability rights movement has again and again demonstrated one irrefutable fact — the voices of self-advocates and family members and their friends and supporters, like you, are absolutely essential to making positive systemic change — change that truly recognizes that ALL people have the right to a meaningful, fulfilling life.”

Read more here about all the fabulous details of a very special day in the history of MDSC, and thank you for your support!

Personalized Tracks

General Session Workshops

Parents, family members and professionals learned from expert speakers about how to help individuals with Down syndrome acquire the necessary skills to lead fuller, healthier, more independent lives.

Self Advocate Workshops

Teens and adults with Down syndrome age 13 and older gathered virtually and had an opportunity to network and share experiences, strengthen their self-advocacy skills, and learn about the importance of leading a healthy life and building meaningful relationships.

Specialty Workshops

Workshops led by and designed for unique groups, including grandparents, new parents, siblings, caregivers, and more. Created a forum for sharing stories and learning the importance of advocacy.

Education Workshops

Educators and parents learned best practices for educating students with Down syndrome in an inclusive classroom, as well as the benefits of inclusion for all learners.