39th Annual Virtual Conference
Friday March 24 – Sunday March 26
with a focus on research 

LIVE, Interactive Workshops; On-Demand Workshops; Specialty Workshops; and a Self-Advocate Track

Our theme for 2023 is Reach! Join us as we explore how we can REACH individually and collectively to ensure all people with Down syndrome have access to quality health care, inclusive education, employment opportunities, and cutting-edge research.

NEW this year! Friday Night Opening Ceremony launch followed by networking sessions for various groups where you can connect with others in the community who share common experiences — ask questions, share stories, and build or deepen relationships.

Then, over the weekend, learn and be inspired by a broad array of sessions for people with Down syndrome, their family members, health care professionals and educators, featuring the latest research findings and timely information from national and local experts on a range of topics related to Down syndrome.

Special thanks to our presenting sponsor, the National Down Syndrome Society and our silver sponsor LuMind IDSC.

Personalized Tracks

General Session Workshops

Parents, family members and professionals learned from expert speakers about how to help individuals with Down syndrome acquire the necessary skills to lead fuller, healthier, more independent lives.

Self Advocate Workshops

Teens and adults with Down syndrome age 13 and older gathered virtually and had an opportunity to network and share experiences, strengthen their self-advocacy skills, and learn about the importance of leading a healthy life and building meaningful relationships.

Specialty Workshops

Workshops led by and designed for unique groups, including grandparents, new parents, siblings, caregivers, and more. Created a forum for sharing stories and learning the importance of advocacy.

Education Workshops

Educators and parents learned best practices for educating students with Down syndrome in an inclusive classroom, as well as the benefits of inclusion for all learners.