The MDSC offers the Advocates in Motion program for teens and adults with Down syndrome in Massachusetts.

Our goals are to help you:

  • Make connections to peers with and without disabilities
  • Learn about your own unique skills, interests, and abilities
  • Strengthen your sense of confidence and self-esteem
  • Empower yourself to become a strong self-advocate

Whether you have attended MDSC events for years or are planning to attend for the first time, we look forward to seeing you soon!

More details on our Advocates in Motion offerings can be found by clicking below, and be sure to sign up for our newsletters so you get the latest information on upcoming events, resources and stories from our community!

Programs for You

A.I.M. (Advocates in Motion)

Teens and Young Adults, Ages 13-22

The AIM: Teen & Young Adult Program, also known as just ‘AIM’, is for 13 to 22 year olds and their families. We get together during the school year to have fun, meet peers, and learn new things!

AIM offers a monthly Sunday afternoon event that typically includes:

  • Opening circle- where everyone has a chance to introduce themselves and answer a question that we send out ahead of time (examples include what is your favorite food? and what one word or phrase do you want to focus on today?)
  • Main activity- focusing on a certain topic or theme, we use breakout groups to discuss our ideas, play games, make crafts and more!
  • Movement- staying active helps our bodies and minds! We try out different fitness and wellness activities together, like dance-a-longs, yoga, Zumba, boxing and more!

AIM social events – dances, dance lessons, workouts, games- are held throughout the year so that teens and young adults have extra opportunities to make connections with peers, socialize and have fun.

AIM offers sessions for your parents and caregivers, too!

S.A.A.C. (Self Advocate Advisory Council)

Adults, Ages 20 and up

For our adults with Down syndrome and their friends and families, we offer quarterly programming that we call ‘SAAC’ events. Ideas for SAAC events come from adults with Down syndrome in our MDSC community and are planned by Self-Advocate Advisory Council members.

Activities have included workshops on healthy living, trivia, dances, karaoke, wrestling chats and more! Some SAAC events are held in collaboration with college partnerships at Bentley University and Bridgewater State University.

The Self-Advocate Advisory Council (SAAC) is our group of adult leaders who direct the MDSC on how our organization should best serve teens and adults. Council members develop key skills for becoming future leaders in the MDSC and the community.

Meet MDSC’s Self Advocate Advisory Council members

Allen C. Crocker Internship

Adults, Ages 20 and up

Another opportunity for adults is the Allen C. Crocker Internship, inspired by Dr. Crocker, advocate, activist and friend to people with disabilities and their families. Dr. Crocker instilled optimism in countless families and helped open society’s eyes to the beauty of people with disabilities. In his memory, we offer a 6-month internship that provides an adult with Down syndrome, age 22 or older, the opportunity to work in our MDSC Burlington office on a project of their choosing.

Read about our past Crocker interns here!

Other Ways to Get Involved

In addition to the AIM and SAAC activities detailed above, there are many opportunities for teens and adults to be active within the MDSC.

  • For teens and adults starting to think about employment, our Your Next Star program is here to help!
  • We invite you to attend our Annual Conference in March where we have a full day of workshops just for teens and adults.
  • Our Buddy Walks each fall are a great opportunity to gather with friends and family to celebrate the awesomeness that people with Down syndrome bring to the world!

And, there is so much more.

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SAAC Newsletters

The Self-Advocate Advisory Council (SAAC) creates newsletters written for self-advocates by self-advocates! Check out past issues below.

Tip Sheets

Below are tip sheets from our February 2021 Wellness Series covering superfoods, being kind to ourselves & others, water and healthy snacks!