Resources for families of children with Down syndrome during the coronavirus pandemic
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K-12 Educators

Important Links and Documents

MDSC Educator's Guide to Meaningful Inclusion

K-12 Educators

The Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress is dedicated to providing accurate information, resources and materials to help educators understand best practices for teaching students with Down syndrome in an inclusive classroom. The MDSC is committed to supporting education through our ground-breaking Educators Forum and our Annual Conference.

Our goal is to help provide teachers, administrators, and support staff with the tools they require to meet the individual learning needs of students with Down syndrome. 

Disabilities or Abilities?

As you prepare to teach your student/s with Down syndrome, we encourage you to focus on your student’s abilities and not their disabilities. In addition to getting to know your student/s, you should also be sure to:

  • Understand how to support children with Down syndrome in primary school and the “typical’ learning profile of a student with Down syndrome. See this document for more information.
  • Appreciate parental input and routinely involve and communicate with them
  • Collaborate with IEP team members
  • Evaluate student progress regularly and modify accordingly
  • Utilize up-to-date research based on best practices
  • Seek ongoing professional development.
  • Value the benefits of an inclusive classroom

The MDSC is committed to sharing and bringing together resources to continuously expand and educate ourselves and our community about Down syndrome. As we do this, we appreciate your input and ideas. Please contact Kristen Tenglin, MDSC Membership Services Director, at with any questions or concerns.