Resources for families of children with Down syndrome during the coronavirus pandemic
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The MDSC has become one of the strongest Down syndrome organizations in the country because so many of our dedicated parents, professionals, self-advocates and others are involved in helping us to achieve our mission. You, too, can get involved in so many ways. It takes all of us working together to make the most impact possible. 

Consider joining one of our many Committees, Task Forces and Advisory Councils:

Government Affairs Committee
The primary vehicle for the MDSC’s public policy initiatives, the GAC works with the MDSC Executive Director, Management Team, and the MDSC membership to advocate for legislation and policies that will help the MDSC achieve its mission. With broad statewide representation, the Committee’s primary objective is to mobilize the MDSC membership to advocate on behalf of the entire Down syndrome community. The committee provides outreach to members, training opportunities, the chance to testify at public hearings, and templates to use in advocacy efforts. Contact the GA Committee at

Public Awareness Committee
Made up of individuals with expertise or talent in the areas of marketing, communications and media outreach combined with a commitment to the MDSC’s mission. The Public Awareness Committee supports and advises the MDSC on its public awareness goals, including, but not limited to formulating media strategy around events and initiatives; crafting, disseminating and following up on press release; and conceiving and carrying out new initiatives to engage our constituents and reach new audiences with our message. If you are interested in joining the Public Awareness Committee, please email

AIM Advisory Council
Guides the MDSC under the direction of the MDSC Teen & Adult Services Director, Program Specialist and Executive Director to ensure that teen and adult self-advocates have opportunities to make connections to peers with and without disabilities; learn about their own unique skills, interests, and abilities; strengthen self-confidence; and empower themselves to become strong self-advocates. Acting as advisors, members of the MDSC Advocates in Motion Council will ensure best practices within the MDSC Advocates in Motion programs. The Advisory Council convenes meetings three to four times a year. If you are interested in joining the AIM Advisory Council, please email

First Call Advisory Council
Guides the MDSC under the direction of the MDSC Family Support Director and Executive Director to ensure that new and expectant parents are provided with accurate, up-to-date, culturally appropriate information and support at the time of diagnosis. Acting as advisors to the Parents First Call program, members of the MDSC Parents First Call Council will ensure best practices within the MDSC Parents First Call program.The Advisory Council will convene meetings periodically (3-4 times per year) to carry out the activities of the Council. If you are interested in joining the First Call Advisory Council, please email

Medical & Scientific Advisory Council
The MDSC Medical and Scientific Advisory Council is comprised of a select group of physicians, researchers, and scientists dedicated to enhancing research opportunities for MDSC members to participate in.  The Council selects a number of studies each year that will be made available for the MDSC members to participate in if they so choose. Each research proposal received is carefully reviewed for content, ethics, and feasibility before forwarding the information onto our members. If approved, the MDSC will develop a study dissemination plan in partnership with the researcher. If you are interested in applying to serve on the Medical & Scientific Advisory Councilplease email

Buddy Walk Committees
Provides critical planning and logistical manpower to support one of MDSC’s three walks across the Commonwealth - the Buddy Walk & Family Festival, the Buddy Walk Harvest Fair, and the Buddy Walk by the Sea. The Buddy Walk Committees assist in event planning, creative problem-solving and generates new ideas to advance the event goals and the MDSC mission. If you are interested in joining the Buddy Walk Committee, email

Hockey Game Committee
Provides critical planning and logistical manpower to support the MDSC’s annual Boston Bruins vs. MDSC All Star hockey benefit. Held every November at the New England Sports Center, the hockey game has become a staple of the MDSC awareness and fundraising portfolio for more than a decade. If you are interested in joining the Hockey Game Committee, email

Education Task Force
Serves to increase communication and collaboration between Massachusetts educators and the parents of students with Down syndrome by providing quality information and on-going support to Massachusetts educators and their students with Down syndrome. The group’s top priority is ensuring that students with Down syndrome receive the most meaningful learning opportunities possible. Members most recently produced a comprehensive Educators Manual, a research-based resource guide that includes information, strategies and best practices for educating students with Down syndrome in inclusive classrooms and schools. If you are interested in joining the Education Task Force, please email Membership Services Director Kristen Tenglin at

Business Advisory Council
The MDSC Business Advisory Council is comprised of corporate leaders from all types of industry who are dedicated to supporting the MDSC in achieving its mission to ensure that all individuals with Down syndrome are valued, included, and given opportunities to lead meaningful lives. Acting as advisors to the MDSC management team, members of the MDSC Business Advisory Council share best practices in business, build relationships with other community leaders, and contribute and raise funds to support the critical work of the MDSC. If you’d like to learn more about serving on our Business Advisory Council and/or how you can partner with the MDSC please contact

Diversity Task Force
The Diversity Task Force is a group of parents and professionals committed to outreaching to families from culturally diverse backgrounds. The Task Force builds trust with diverse families, provides support to families in their primary language, and acts as liaisons between the MDSC and diverse communities. The Diversity Task Force also plans events for our diverse families, including a pre-event breakfast before the Annual Conference in Worcester and a yearly potluck dinner in Boston. If you are interested in joining the Diversity Task Force, email 

Other ways to be an active MDSCer: